St. Leonard's Community Support

What We Do

St. Leonard’s Community Support, Prevention, and Residential Services is a non-profit community agency, which is under the administration of a volunteer Board of Directors. It offers community-based justice-related programs for young persons.

St. Leonard’s Community:  Previously known as COSP grew out of the visionary pursuits of a local judge who, in 1974 began using community-based sentencing as a meaningful alternative to fines, which were becoming an ineffective deterrent to shoplifting.  What has evolved from the concepts and endeavors of many volunteers is a comprehensive response to many justice programs.

St. Leonard’s Residential:  Provides residential services to males between the ages of 12 to 17 years old who are in conflict with the law under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Services and supervision are provided for youth in custody and detention who have been ordered by the court to serve time in custody, as well as youth who have been detained pending further court appearances.
St. Leonard’s Home provides a safe, secure, healthy, and supportive environment. Within this environment, a range of integrated, evidence-based programs, an on-site satellite school (Sec. 23 CTCC), and services to help address specific risks and needs of youth, thereby promoting positive outcomes for youth, families, and the community. Ultimately, the primary goal is to ensure public safety and promote the successful reintegration of youth back into their community.




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